DIY Gold Wreath
December 11, 2014
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Who says wreaths need to be made of holiday greenery? Glam it up this season with an easy, all you need is a glue gun approach to wreath loveliness. These gold inspired wreaths instantly make your house feel modern and chic - but the best part is that you can tuck them away and they will look just as glam next year! Find even more holiday ideas and crafty goodness in our SMP Holidays Mag out now!
MaterialsGold leaves (we used a variety of gold leaves from Michael’s)
Gold metal hoops (we used a 10” and an 8” diameter ring)
Plum ribbon
26 gauge gold wire
Wire cutters


step-1Use the wire cutters to trim clusters of leaves off each branch.

step-2For the asymmetric style, arrange the leaf clusters to cover about half of the gold hoop. Alternate leaf styles for variety. For the symmetrical style, arrange the leaf clusters to cover about ⅓ of the hoop, in two even groups that start from one center point.

step-3Once you are happy with the arrangement, use the gold wire to wrap each branch to the gold hoop. Secure the wire by tying off at both ends and tucking the remaining wire into the arrangement.

step-4Cut a length of plum ribbon and tie to the gold hoop, just left of the leaves in the asymmetric style and in the center of the leaves in the symmetric style.

step-5Hang your wreaths on the wall or a door and re-use year after year!

Photography: SMP Living | Design & Styling: SMP Living