Snow Globe DIY
December 2, 2014
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I know exactly what I'm doing this weekend. And now, so do you! Making sweet little DIY snow globes, courtesy of the wildly talented Lauren Wells. You can fill them with whatever you want, with water or without, and transform a boring old mason jar into pure magic...all in about 10 minutes. I'm obsessed and so will the proud teachers / friends / mailmen / groomers that get them this year! Photos by First Mate Photo Co.

....................SNOW GLOBE....................
without water

mason jar | sandpaper | super glue | fake snow | miniature tree(s) | plastic animal(s) | cardboard

1. Use the sandpaper to scruff up the bottom of the lid.
2. Place your tree & plastic animal where you would like them to go. In order for the animals to stand taller, you can fold small pieces of cardboard into a stand, and first superglue that to the lid (with the animal then glued on top). Once the cardboard is dry, glue down the trees/animals, and press firmly for one minute.
3. Put a small handful of fake snow in the jar. Hold the lid in place, and flip over. Keep adding/removing snow until you are happy with the snowfall.
4. All done! You have your own, little winter wonderland!

....................SNOW GLOBE....................
with water

mason jar | sandpaper | super glue/epoxy | distilled water | coarse tinsel glitter | miniature tree(s) | plastic animal(s) | glycerin

1. Use the sandpaper to scruff up the bottom of the lid.
2. Place your tree(s)/plastic animal(s) where you would like them to go, using the superglue or epoxy to adhere them to the lid. Press firmly for one minute.
3. Fill the jar almost fully with distilled water, and then pour in as much tinsel glitter as you please.
4. Add a few drops of glycerin to the water and glitter. This will cause that "snow globe" effect, and cause the glitter to suspend in the water.
5. Place the lid on the jar and screw it on firmly.
6. Flip over, and shake it up!

Note: The miniature trees will dye the water blue. If you do not want your water to turn blue, we recommend bleaching the trees first, or using plastic animals only (without the cardboard).