DIY Organic Holiday Wreath
November 21, 2014
United States
I love using fresh greenery on the front door, or even the mantle during the holiday season. A simple re-usable grapevine wreath plus some favorite seasonal flowers and you have yourself a wreath the neighbors will envy. Hoot and Holler is showing us how to create an organic holiday wreath that is modern and custom all rolled into one. Make sure you check out the whole gallery captured by Talk Studios.
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From Hoot and Holler ... Wreaths don't have to be stuffy or overflowing with cheesy flowers. We're all about the modern, organically shaped wreaths that have come to life in the past few years and we pulled together a simple, elegant DIY to show you how we do it at Hoot & Holler. Making your own holiday wreath is easier than you might think!

1 grapevine wreath (any size, ours was 12")
Shears to cut your branches and blooms to size
24 gauge paddle wire
An assortment of greens (we used snowberries, rosemary, bay leaves, and eucalyptus)
An assortment of flowers (we used fuji mums, delphinium, button mums, and celosia)
*water tubes (optional)


step-1Start by weaving your greens into the grapevine base. For lightweight greens you won't need anything extra to secure them but, for hardier stems, use your wire. We find it easiest to weave your wire through the back of the grapevine base then wrap it around the stems so it does its job without showing through.

step-2Add your smaller flowers in the same way you added your greens. Use heartier blooms that dry gracefully such as button mums, strawflower, thistle, and celosia! To achieve an asymmetrical look, place these blooms around half of your wreath.

step-3Finally, place your focal flowers (your large blooms like our fuji mums). Use these in odd numbers on your wreath and add visual interest by placing them in the "corners" of the wreath rather than directly in the center on the top and bottom or sides. To increase the life of your wreath fit a water tube to the stems of the focal flowers and secure them with wire as you did with your foliage.

To keep your wreath looking fresh for longer, simply mist it with a water sprayer every day! Your greens will last longer than your flowers so as the blooms wilt, pull them out and replace them with fresh ones!