Fall Picnic in Vermont
November 19, 2014
United States
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New England sure knows how to fully embrace Fall and a picnic lakeside in Vermont is at the top of that embracing list. A campfire and gourmet s'mores, cozy blankets and florals in shades of autumn. Oh and ever-flowing cider too. This get together crafted by Kith & Kin and captured by White Loft Studio is the perfect way to enjoy a the last of those beautiful Fall days. See even more here.
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From Jane Ackerman of Kith & Kin... I am one of those people who feels as if I am in an ever-tightening vice as the warm weather days decline sharply and the lock-down that is a New England winter begins to take hold. Daylight becomes fleeting - night arrives at 3:00 pm. You're indoors a lot. The roads are bad. And more often than not, it's damp, gray and cold outside. It's enough to make you feel desperate and it lasts for 6 months.

As an antidote to that feeling of impending doom, I decided to squeeze all the color and light I could out of the last few bright days of autumn.

Marmalade- and crimson-colored leaves, the comforting small of woodsmoke, and sunlight dancing on the water inspired me to gather friends for an Autumn Picnic by the Lake. I pulled together vintage picnic baskets, table cloths and enamelware from my collection, along with items found on Ebay and Etsy, and dahlias from the Kith & Kin garden, and invited friends to join me on the shores of Lake Fairlee in Vermont.

On the menu: pressed sandwiches; hot dogs, spicy sausages and tomato soup cooked over a fire; local cheeses and hearty crackers; fresh figs, late-season raspberries and cold beer. Gourmet s'mores with handmade graham crackers and marshmallows from King Arthur Four (whose headquarters is in my home town), caramel apples sprinkled with pink sea salt, apple and pumpkin pies, carrot and deep chocolate cakes, and ice cold cider from a local farm stand rounded out the feast.

I brought along water colors and crayons for the kids and invited them to create impressions of fall. Vintage story books with autumnal themes and field guides to trees were a window into the lore and biology behind Vermont's break-taking October display. The was lots of room for running around and even some fishing, while wool blankets and vivid plaid throws kept the grown-ups cozy. Boats handmade by my friends, Jeff and Kathy, were an invitation to enjoy the lake.
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