Art Inspired Birthday Party
November 11, 2014
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I am pretty sure that arts and crafts, fun treats, flower crowns and friends are a seven year old girl's version of the perfect day. Because if we're being really honest, it's our version of the perfect day. Crafted by Papertini, this art party comes complete with rice crispy treat paint brushes and art al fresco. Check out the festivities through the lens of M2 Photography here in the gallery.
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From Papertini ... Since both Melissa and Michael are photographers in the wedding industry, creativity is everywhere in the home. So it was no surprise that when it was time to start planning for their twins’ birthday party, the theme of artistic expression was quickly selected. We've always tried to collaborate on different types of projects, so when Melissa approached us, we couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of this soiree! The “realness” of the event acted as a grounding element for the project; while other style shoots can afford to include a touch of the fanciful or even impractical, the fact that this was to be an actual birthday party, for 7-year-old twins, no less, meant that everything from the decorations to the layout to the durability of the items shown would be tried and tested, and would have to hold up. The decor and party elements are certainly DIY friendly.

Held in their own home home, this party combined practicality and whimsy to create a stunning event, with every component geared towards allowing the children the greatest artistic expression. The runner for the craft table was spattered with paint and glitter, so that no child would fear being the one to ruin the cloth. The custom made blackboard, created with chalkboard paint and melted crayons, proclaimed that ‘Creativity takes Courage!’, and provided a positive message for the guests (we had fun making this!). “Fun facts”, and “Did you know?” cards and boards scattered around the party provided information and allowed the children to make a personal connection with the artists mentioned (Melissa has great penmanship herself!).

The activities included painting (Melissa hand-dyed the kids' smocks!), sand art, and a scavenger hunt that , among other tasks, required that the children utilize the photo booth to take silly pictures.

The background art for the dessert table was created by the Birthday girls, Ava & Bella, and the treats included white-chocolate-dipped Oreo cookies decorated with edible marker, rice cereal bars made to look like paint brushes, colored fondant-covered Oreo cookie drops served on a wood cut-out painters palate, and fresh fruit smoothies in lieu of sugary juices and sodas.

The combination of pragmatism and quirkiness even went home with the children in the form of the party favor; a foam-flower-adorned cardboard milk box containing goldfish crackers and animal cookies, an homage to Picasso’s love of animals.

From the pictures, we'd say the girls had a blast! Thanks again Melissa and Michael (and of course, Ava and Bella, too!) for this amazing opportunity!
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