Travel to Corfu, Greece
November 5, 2014
Wanderlusters beware, a new vacation spot is about to jump to the top of your travel list. Corfu is a beautiful Greek island; one awash with classical architecture and seascapes a plenty. And if the photographs by Inge Kooiman Fotografie are any indication, this little island is a must see. Have a look at the gallery for so much more on this hidden gem.
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From Inge Kooiman Fotographie ... This summer I traveled to Corfu, one of the beautiful islands of Greece and I loved this place.

Corfu is the northernmost always green Ionian island that is separated by sea of ​​less than two kilometers wide Albania. The landscape of Corfu is very varied. The north is mountainous and lends itself to lovely walks, beautiful bays and charming villages. The center of Corfu island is hilly and in the south is a plain with beautiful nature and especially olive and cypress trees.

The capital is Kerkyra. This town is a charming blend of magnificent forts, churches, museums and houses. There are numerous shops, taverns, markets, bars and restaurants. The palace of Sissi (Achileion) was for me the highlight of the trip. Sissi was Empress of Austria and Hungary and had a beautiful palace on this island, where she often stayed. The palace has a magnificent view of the island, so I understand well why she has decided to build the palace there.