Pretty in Pink Modern Nursery
October 24, 2014
My oldest daughter's nursery was sweet and pink and all out loveliness. My son's was a bit less lovely and my 5 month old's? Well, she doesn't have a nursery. She is actually currently sleeping in the bathroom because it's the darkest place I could find. But this little slice of nursery heaven - photographed to perfection by Jessica Lorren - reminds me that every little bitty needs a room to call their own - and one that is as soft and pretty as their tiny toes.
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Little Mila Annabelle is very lucky to have such a sweet and beautiful mommy who also has amazing style. Each element of the nursery was carefully chosen to welcome this precious baby girl and give her a cozy place to play and rest.

I loved being able to join them for a few Saturday morning moments as a new family of three and I hope that someday Mila will enjoy these photographs as much as we enjoyed creating them.