Behind the Blog: The Haute Look
October 17, 2014
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What were you doing at 19? Because I'm fairly certain I was watching old episodes of Sex and the City in my sweat pants with my girlfriends. I'm 100% certain I was not running an incredible fashion blog a la The Haute Looks! We recently caught up to talk shop with this sweet girl, and have the photos from Katie Parra to prove it!
SMP: Tell us a little about your blog!

ROSE: My blog, The Haute Looks, is my a place where I can showcase my everyday outfits, my style, and my creative side. I love sharing my everyday outfits because my pieces are always affordable for any girl to buy. My creative looks are always so much fun to shoot, I try to mix it up sometimes with themed shoots & looks just to keep my blog a little more interesting.
SMP: At 19 years of age, you've managed to carve out a beautiful spot on the internet. Have you always been this ambitious?

ROSE: Honestly, I've never been ambitious until I started blogging. Blogging on fashion is such a competition. Everyone is doing it. And I've noticed that in order for me to stand out & have people actually enjoy what I write & wear. I must have ambitious & passion, for my followers to say..."hey, I love this blog. It's creative & so different!"
SMP: What's your secret to success?

ROSE: I am striving for success everyday. I set goals weekly and I strive to reach them. Most importantly I need support from my family & friends to help me succeed everyday. Encouragement is so helpful & social media too! Haha!
SMP: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

ROSE: Oh yes, coffee! I have about 3 cups a day. Which means about $5 per cup. It's seriously so good, but so bad! Haha.
SMP: What are some words you live by?

ROSE: "Be thankful and joyful.
Be content with life.
Make the most of every situation."
I believe it is so important to be thankful for everything you have. It's important to appreciate the people, things & beauty around you. Do not take those things for granted! We always have something to be thankful for.
SMP: If you had the chance to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?
ROSE: Stay true to who you are. Don't let people or even fashion define who you are. If you believe in yourself & have support from the most important people in your life. You will be happy!
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SMP: One thing every fashionable woman should have in her closet?
ROSE: A black classic blazer. If you prefer fitted or loose, whatever goes with your body type. Every women should own a black classic blazer. It's a must!

SMP: Okay, rapid fire time. What is your go to...

... RECIPE- Oven baked Chicken Sandwich Melts
... BEAUTY MUST HAVE- Hoola Bronzer by Benefits
... FASHION MUST HAVE- Leather Jacket
... JEAN BRAND- Hollister (I gotta say all my jeans from Hollister have lasted me years & are so comfy. Plus it's affordable!)
... LIPSTICK - Relentlessly Red by MAC
... ENTERTAINING TIP- Comedy Romance Movies!

SMP: Your favourite instagrammer? Pinner?

ROSE: Oh my gosh! I have so many, but my most fav is @sincerelyjules. I absolutely love her Instagram photos, they are never boring to look at!

SMP: Where do you see yourself in five years?

ROSE: Wow... In 5 years I hope that I will still be blogging on The Haute Looks. I would love to have my own line or an online shop. Or even working for a magazine as a stylist! There is just so much I want to do in my life, so much I want to experience & accomplish!