Decorating Cakes with Real Flowers
October 8, 2014
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Seeing that crafting sugar flowers takes time and patience (read: which I don't have) - I am always one to place a few real flowers atop a cake. I usually just insert the stem into the cake but today Caprice Decor & Design is sharing the legit way to affix pretty flowers atop pretty cakes. With cakes by The Cocoa Cakery, planning by Affairy Events and photography by Purple Tree this is a definite bookmark worthy piece!
SMP: Which flowers work best with buttercream and other cake design techniques?

Caprice: It is important to choose a tough flower - one which would last the longest without water. It really isn’t much different from choosing a flower for a boutonniere or a bouquet since it would also be out of water for a long time.

First thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the flowers you are using are not sprayed with any chemicals or pesticides .
Some flowers are also edible. These can be safely placed on a cake without needing to remove them before serving the cake - Chrysanthemum, Fuchsia, Gladiola, Hibiscus, Lavender, Jasmine, Lilac, Dandelions, Primrose, Violet. Unfortunately, most of these, although edible, are not very long lasting when out of water so you should place them as close to display/serving time as possible.
While edible flowers are convenient, we also use flowers which are in the inedible category and we make sure to remove thembefore serving.

Flowers we like to use: Garden Roses | Spray Roses | Dahlias | Orchids | Celosia | Fresie | | Gloriosa | Lavanda | Protea | Ornithogalum | Succulent | Callas | Various types of berries
Peonies fall under a category of flowers which don’t like to be out of water for a long time; if we can push the decoration to last minute, right before serving, then we would not miss a chance to decorate the cake with peonies. Most greenery types are also a great option.
SMP: What is the best way to secure the flowers to the cake?

Caprice: First option is to simply insert a steam into a cake. Second is to attach a peace (a ball) of fondant to the area where you wish your flowers to be placed and then to insert flowers into that ball directly. By doing so you ensure that nothing goes into the cake. Third is to place floral stems, or rather a small floral compilation, into a floral water tube and place it directly in the cake. That way actual stems are not touching the inside of the cake, and flowers can last forever; or at least till that first bite.
SMP: How do you keep the flower fresh while affixed to the cake?

Caprice: Make sure the flowers you are about to use are very fresh and use the flowers which last the longest, or use the floral water tube as mentioned above.
SMP: What are your tools for building floral arrangements on top of a cake?

Caprice: Tools required are not different than those needed for any other floral work. Floral Pruners, floral scissors and floral pliers are all you need to get the job done. And depending on how you insert your flowers, either a bit of fondant or a water tube.
SMP: How long will the flowers keep on the cake?

Caprice: That will depend on the kind of flowers you are using. Flowers which go from the morning until the cake cutting ceremony include the following: Orchids | Roses | Protea | Greenery | Berries | Succulent.