Behind the Scenes: CAMP Workshop
September 24, 2014
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I'm used to working with my hands. I've thankfully been blessed with a well rounded arsenal of creative talents. But one of the skills I'm missing, and so desperately want to learn, is calligraphy. Which is why my new mission in life is to attend Erica Loesing's CAMP! And after peeking at these photos, I think you'll want to join me.
From Erica Loesing... CAMP was founded as an ongoing collaboration to support and nurture Atlanta's creative community. We offer all kinds of classes, workshops, ​events, and gatherings (our suppers are the best!)​, with the main goal being to bring people together and create a community around common creative interests. ​The community has grown so much since it began, and we are always hearing of people meeting at a supper and later collaborating together! The best.
​"The Craft of Hand Lettering" has been a very popular topic, selling out both times it has been offered​.​ ​This was the prettiest of days with a really great energy brought by each and every student. It is so much fun teaching what you do and watching other people grow. I feel so lucky to get to do that. Hand lettering craft is so dear to me, and if nothing else I love talking about the subtleties of spacing, the beauty of how each and every letter attaches to the next in its own unique way, mindfulness, and embracing your own style to differentiate it from a computer font. My true lettering passion is embracing your own hand, how different it is from the next person.
Before we dug into the technical tools we colored with plain-ol' crayons as a warm-up. (Maybe having a toddler inspired this.) It was one of my favorite moments of the class, coloring all over the tables, making big, broad movements to get loosened up and having fun.
​This class was ​offered ​in two parts, the morning focusing on the very basic technical skills and concepts​, then more and more practice as the day went on​. My goal is to embrace the beauty of each student's own unique hand and find their voice through lettering​, and there's a lot of practice just to get there​. ​There are so many surprising complexities to mastering using a real lettering nib. ​We look to traditional Copperplate only to then to break its rules and letter by the rules our hands have already set up for us. The class is a mix of aesthetic, technical, and conceptual​, all of which I believe to be equally important tools in learning to hand letter.
Rustic White did an amazing job photographing the day. Robert was such a sport hanging out with a group of lettering ladies and was quite the acrobat to get some of these shots. We were well fed by the yummiest Homespun ATL; Jason + Jamie source local and seasonal foods​ and combine them in such imaginative ways. We filled our sweet tooth with XK Macarons, which I find myself still dreaming of. Blue Eyed Yonder's farm tables + bistro chairs provided the perfect work spaces in Heidi Geldhauser's beautiful new collaborative studio space The Wigwam Collective. Pretty, simple flowers by the talented Lindsay Coletta. And all the swag! Ashley of IceMilk Aprons created custom pouches again this year that were a huge hit. The walnut inkwells are from the Yes Ma'am shop, and everything else is special just for the class. A really big shoutout to my intern Kelly who is the very best and always keeps my nibs nice and clean.
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