DIY $10 Light Fixture
September 10, 2014
As an interior designer, I'm all about trying to come up with the best of the best for less. And had you told me that Heather Jorde created her dining room fixtures with golden plastic straws, I probably wouldn't believe it without seeing it for myself. And it's kind of amazing. In fact, she constantly gets compliments on the fixture - and chuckles to herself when she explains it's a $10 homemade project.
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From Heather... Aside from the lighting, we were finished with our dining room makeover. We had just bought our head chairs and decided that we would wait on any more big purchases. Since I wanted a modern brass piece, I knew finding a cheap one was out of the question. So, I created my own with some spray painted straws and string. Everyone who visits assumes it's brass and it's always fun telling them I made it from straws.


String and needle
Straws (make sure they aren't bendy straws!)
Gold spray paint
Wire (to attach the straw lighting to the light kit)
Pendant light kit (this one was used)


step-1 After spray painting the straws gold, string three straws together with your needle. Make a triangle and tie a knot, and then cut the string.

step-2 From there, add a row of continuous triangles, adding two to three straws at a time as needed.

step-3 As more triangles are added, you can start to combine them to create the 3-d shape that you want. I found that it was easiest to create a general shape on the table and then finishing touches after I attached it to the pendant light kit with the wire.

step-1 Lastly, trim any string from the knots you made, and then go back and paint over any exposed knots with gold paint.
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