Boho Brunch
August 22, 2014
Can we all just take a moment of silence for this al fresco brunch? Because if there ever were an event that deserved our undivided attention this would be it. This incredible, over-the-top beautiful, can't-even-handle-the-pretty feast. It turns out, Cassandra EldridgeNatural Beauties Floral and Simply Designed are a match made in heaven. Plus, there's oh so much more where this came from, and it's all right here.
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I recently just did a styled shoot focusing on the beauty of friendship. The theme was a bohemian brunch centered around celebration of love, freedom and the outdoors. We focused on bright colors, vibrant fabrics, neutral style with soft boho-inspired elements. The main objective of this inspirational shoot was to celebrate the bonds between women as we enter into the month of summer - a time where living is a little more carefree, and our need for friendship is heightened more than ever.