Behind the Scenes: Sugarcomb Studio
August 20, 2014
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If you ever wondered what happens when two talented women with an eye for style team up, Sugarcomb Studio is it. As Seattle based paper good gurus, wedding and event designers, as far as we're concerned there's absolutely nothing these two can't do.  With photos from our darling O'Malley Photographers, there's more pretty to be had over here. 
SMP: Tell us a little about Sugarcomb studio!
SUGARCOMB: Sugarcomb is a wedding and event design, coordination and paper goods company in Seattle. Last year we made the transition from a commercial studio space to a tranquil home-office retreat and we’re thrilled to share it with you.
SMP: Your office is just beautiful. Can you share a bit of your inspiration behind the design?
SUGARCOMB: We designed our new workspace to be more functional, still reflect our style and incorporate everything we need to work efficiently and comfortably. The vintage textured damask wallpaper was pre-existing and is the perfect soft touch for our office walls. We chose a conference-style desk setup which works great for getting work done together and individually, laying out large projects, and setting up reception table mock-ups. What really brings the room together for us are the wedding decor and prop pieces that hold special memories, as well as our framed publications and inspiration that help us stay in a zone of creating fresh ideas and keep us striving to give each of our clients our best work.
SMP: How’d you get your start in the wedding and event planning industry?
KELSEY: I came from a retail design background and became intrigued by the event industry because I knew it could offer an ideal combination of creative design, extreme organization and fun clients. I started the business 2008 and was hooked.
TARA: I’ve always loved creating beautiful things, which is probably what drew me to a career in visual communication design. During my spare time, I would design wedding invitations and day-of paper goods for friends and family, host bridal showers and be their wedding day coordinator. I realized that there was something fulfilling and joyful about being involved in these most special moments. That even though it was a lot of work, I loved every minute of it.
SMP: What’s one tip you always share with your clients when planning an event?
SUGARCOMB: We always tell our clients to take moments to relax and really enjoy the special time leading up to their event.
SMP: Could you share one thing that really made your business thrive?
SUGARCOMB: What has helped us greatly is refining how we reach our target market - we’re very visual people in a visual business so we focus our reach in those arenas, through our website, Pinterest and Instagram.
SMP: What’s the greatest lesson in business you ever learnt?
KELSEY: I learned early on through a workshop with Sage Wedding Pros how important a business plan is. Tara and I are dedicated to reevaluating our goals, numbers, and what has changed in the industry regularly to help keep us at the top of our game.
SMP: What’s the best piece of advice that anyone has ever given to you?
SUGARCOMB: Take risks, because whether you succeed or not, you grow.
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SMP: In your experience, what’s the biggest mistake people make when planning their event?
SUGARCOMB: We commonly meet couples who planned a few key details once setting a date and then took a break because they feel they had accomplished a lot. It results in having to dive back into planning in the stressful months and weeks leading up to the event.

SMP: Do you have any predictions in upcoming party trends?
SUGARCOMB: We love the idea of florals in more than just centerpieces, by creating flower walls, chandeliers, vertical garlands, and living structures.

SMP: And lastly, could you name 5 things that everyone must have for any and every event?
SUGARCOMB: A planning and day-of checklist, a solid guest list, decor to fit the occasion, delicious eats and a fun favor!
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