DIY Striped Backdrop
August 12, 2014
The one party tip we always dole out to inquiring minds: create a show stopping backdrop. It truly is the piece de resistance when it comes to any event. It's a great place to infuse your theme (in our case: an epic ice cream social!), and adds an instant dose of adorable. This striped beauty is essentially a massive canvas, which can easily be repurposed down the road, and could not have been simpler to make!
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MaterialsStretched canvas (we used the 36”x48” size)
Spray paint (we used coral, yellow, gold, and aqua)
Painter’s tape
Plastic dropcloth


step-1Cover the floor with the plastic dropcloth and lay the canvas on top, face up.

step-2Use the painter’s tape to mark off horizontal sections of canvas to make your stripes. Alternate chunky 5 or 6” wide sections with skinny 1 or 2” wide sections. Any area covered in tape will remain white. Don’t forget to tape around the sides of the canvas so you can paint the sides as well.

step-3Spraypaint each section in alternating colors. Spray in light coats about 10” away from the canvas so that the paint doesn’t pool and leak under the tape. If the taped section between each color is thin (under 4” wide or so), then cover the section you’re not painting with the edge of the plastic dropcloth so no paint gets in the next section. Don’t forget to paint the sides of the canvas as you go.

step-4Let paint dry ½ hour, then remove the tape from the canvas. Hang the canvas on the wall to make the perfect preppy backdrop!


Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living