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Late Summer Flower Walk + DIY Wildflower Arrangement
August 7, 2014
I can't think of a better way to soak in the summer than a long walk in the fresh air, gathering all the blooms you can hold! For those of you stuck in the city, we've got Avenue Lifestyle's pretty wildflower walk in the Netherlands to tide you over. The gallery of Anouschka Rokebrand's images is so dreamy, you'll feel like you're walking onto the set of a Jane Austen film. Bonus: all the steps to making your own gorgeous wildflower arrangement are at the bottom of the post!
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From Holly of Avenue Lifestyle: The inspiration for this late summer wildflower editorial came from a deep love of flowers that developed as a child and has continued into my adult life and work as a stylist. The summertime in The Netherlands is so beautiful, with wild flowers springing up alongside roads, cycle paths and fields. For this shoot, I teamed up with the talented photographer Anouschka Rokebrand to capture some of the wild floral beauty that surrounds us in this part of the world, from the foraging of the blooms themselves to the assembly of a wildflower arrangement and bouquet laden with rich late summer hues.
MaterialsOasis floral foam
Wide mouth vessel
Foraged greenery and wildflowers


step-1Soak a piece of oasis foam large enough to fill the bottom of a wide mouthed vase or vessel in a bucket of water until it is soaked through and dark green in color. Place it in the bottom of your vessel.

step-2Begin by placing larger foliage and greenery on the sides of the arrangement, allowing them to spill over to the sides of the vessel in a natural way.

step-3Add in larger floral stems, distributing colors and styles evenly as you go and filling up any gaps in the arrangement.

step-4Add additional blooms of varying sizes, colors, textures, and heights to finish off your arrangement.

*Tip: To create a loose wildflower bouquet, follow the above steps and then with two hands, scoop the arrangement out of the vessel (removing the stems from the oasis if necessary) and bind tightly together with natural twine.