DIY Late Summer Flower Arrangement
August 5, 2014
For this arrangement I wanted to use colors that reminded me of August evenings, right before the sun fades behind the horizon: golds, deep shades of pink, raspberry, and burgundy. The goal here is to soak in the last little bits of summer for as long as we possibly can! And what better way to do so than with an arrangement of seasonal flowers.
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Floral Tape (only if you'd like)
Floral Clippers
Antique Antique Roses
Poppy Pods

instructionsstep-1Once you bring your flowers home give them a fresh cut at an angle and let the sit in a bucket of water for a couple of hours. You'll want the the be nice and hydrated for your when you make your arrangement.

step-2If you'd like you can tape a grid using 1/4 inch tape on the opening of your vessel to help keep flowers in place. I didn't do it here, but it can definitely be a helpful step.

step-3Start with your base of greenery and Amaranthus. Give each stem a fresh cut before placing in the vase. I like to use a lot of greenery at different heights for stability, texture, and dimension.

step-4Start adding your focal flowers one by one, also giving them a fresh cut before adding to your arrangement. I started with the garden roses, then the dahlias and stock. You want the arrangement to have natural movement.

step-5Add the accents, the poppy pods and ranunculus.

step-6Add finishing touches by filling in spaces that don't look quite right, or have large gaps.