How-to Decorate Around Your TV
August 4, 2014
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As an interior designer myself, I'm on board with Stellar Staging & Design's issues. Though there's not much that makes me happier than a big bowl of popcorn and a really great movie on a massive TV, there's no question that said TV is the bane of a designers existence. Though they're notoriously hard to decorate around, we've rounded up a few of our favourite tips & tricks! With photos from Jordan Brittley, there's more right here. 
From Stellar Staging & Design... I view my living room as just that…..a room we live in. It’s the most-used room in our house, and as a happily married couple, we decided to compromise on what was most important to us in our space.

My husband worked on me for a while to upgrade our little baby TV to a much larger screen. The only way I was going to allow that to happen was to add an element of design to help distract your eye from the TV.
My solution was these beautifully simple, floating shelves. I wanted the pieces I put on the shelves to be the focal point of the room. Each piece that I placed on a shelf holds some significance to my husband and me. Most of the items we have collected on our vacations together and they remind us of those special times. Other items were given to us by family or come from our childhood homes. So I guess I wanted “us” to be the focal point in our living room. Now as we sit in our living room, we see a wall that represents "us" perfectly.
I wanted the shelves to match our wood floors. We went with a very dark stain when we laid the floors and I thought bringing that color onto the wall just made it more balanced.
Whenever I’m styling shelves I always start with a large piece. That allows me to build from there and decide on the scale of the rest of the décor. Books are a must in adding height and substance to an area, we use a lot of old pretty books that help bring in color and texture.

A house should be lived in. So as the most used room I always lean towards livability in choosing furniture, rugs, etc. Make your living space work for you and your family.
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DISTRACT: The budget friendly solution! A collection of your favourite pieces of art placed strategically around said television are a great way to distract from that big black box sitting on your media unit. Hint: black frames are a great trick of the trade here.

HIDE IT: There are so many creative solutions for television concealment and this happens to be one of my favourites. If you have the budget, or are lucky enough to undergo living room renovations, recessing your TV in the wall is a great tool to keep in mind. You can then hang a piece of artwork on a hinge in front and nobody will ever know!

FRAME IT: If you can't beat em', join em'. Consider framing out your TV in rustic lumber or a gilded frame to turn it into it's own form of contemporary art.

BUILD IT OUT: Consider hiring a millworker to build an entire media unit, complete with shelves, drawers for remotes and cupboards for those unsightly video game consoles. Creating a whole wall unit helps take the visual focus off the TV itself, making it feel as if it's simply supposed to be there.