DIY Clothes Rack
August 4, 2014
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Whether you live in a teeny tiny condo with a ridiculous excuse for a closet (hello! I feel you) or you simply like to keep your prettiest of pieces on display, this next DIY is for you. Made up of things you'd find in the plumbing aisle at your local hardware store, this beauty couldn't be easier to piece together, and adds instant chicness to your space.
(4) 60” x ½” threaded steel pipes
(4) 10” x ½” threaded steel pipes
(4) ½” iron flanges 
(6) ½” iron elbows
(4) ½” iron T connector joints
(6) ½” x 1½” steel threaded nipples
Gold spraypaint
Painting dropcloth
Goo gone


step-1 Remove any stickers from the pipes. You may need a knife and Goo Gone to remove the residue. Use paper towels to wipe down the pipes and remove excess grease.

step-2 Screw 4 threaded nipples into 4 flanges. Screw 4 elbows onto the other end of each nipple.

step-3 Screw the 10” pipes into each elbow. Screw a T connector onto one pipe end, and then the other to form one side of the base. Repeat for the other set.

step-4 Screw another threaded nipple into the top of the T connector, then add another T connector (perpendicular to the first), and repeat on the other side. Screw one 60” pipe into the top T connector & base, and screw the other base on the other side. Tighten until both base portions are even with each other and balance on the floor.

step-5 Screw 2 of the 60” pipes into the top T connector. Screw on the elbows. You may need another person’s help here. Screw the remaining 60” pipe into one elbow, as far as it will go. Have the other person push the other elbow back so you can insert the pipe into that end, then gently “unscrew” several turns from this elbow, so that the pipe will be resting several turns into each connection.

step-6 Spraypaint your rack gold and let dry. Feel free to secure your rack to a wooden floor by drilling screws through the holes in the flange pieces. Hang your clothes & enjoy!

-All of the pipe & flange pieces can be found in the plumbing section of your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. Make sure to test the pieces with each other before you leave the store to ensure you’ve got all the right sizes- the pieces often get mixed up in the bins and it’s easy to grab the wrong thing!
-The pipes are greased from the cutting process. Wear gloves when handling them and make sure to lay down a dropcloth to protect your worksurface or floor.


Photography: White Loft Studio | Design & Styling: SMP Living