DIY Marbled Glasses
July 29, 2014
These textured marble glasses are sure to be a hit for your next party or backyard BBQ! Not to mention, these hand made, one-of-a kind beauties have that perfect pop of color for summer! You just can't go wrong with this DIY - every design will look perfectly unique, the way it's suppose to!
Materials Glassware
Water Resistant Modeling Paste
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray

step-1Gather your supplies

step-2Place your water resistant modeling paste in a container

step-3Add your acrylic paint - depending on the color you would like, add more or less

step-4 With your paint brush, stir your paint to create a swirl pattern

step-5Using one hand, hold the glass firmly. Paint your glass with fingers or brush and create your fun pattern

step-6Repeat with all glasses. Let dry completely and spray with clear acrylic. Hand wash only.