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DIY Table Runners
July 22, 2014
We fully subscribe to the notion that if you can't find it, make it (one peek at our DIY archive and you'll see just what I mean)! Which is why we adore Threaded Together. Because when they set out to put together their rustic dinner party, they had a vision and they didn't want to part with it. And when they couldn't find table runners to fit said vision? Well, they made them!
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Yard Stick or Tape Measure
Fray Check
Dye if desired

step-1Pre-measure the table you will be using these on so you know how much yardage to buy of the fabric. The runners should hang over the sides of the table by a foot if laying width-wise under place settings so that they don't pool in guests laps. If using just one as a runner down the center of the table length-wise then they should hang over the sides at least a couple feet.

step-1Select a woven fabric with a nice texture like a linen or this cotton blended with metallic thread.

step-1Hand dye fabric piece according to instructions on the dye packet (I used Rit dye since it was a cotton fabric but you can use Jacquard iDye Poly if you are using a synthetic fabric.)

step-1Cut to desired length and width. They should be a little wider than your place setting if using width-wise or at lest a third the size of your table width if laying length-wise.

step-1 Pull out the long threads to create a fray of about a half inch or your desired width.
Turn over and run Fray Check along the sides just inside of the frayed edge to keep from fraying further.

Photography: Threaded Together Photography | Florals: Barbie's Blooms | Styling And Vintage Rentals: Threaded Together Vintage Rentals