DIY Macrame Hanging Planter
July 18, 2014
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We can always count on our friends over at Classy Clutter  to indulge us in DIY heaven, but this time I do believe they've outdone themselves. Enter: the DIY macrame hanging planter. It's a series of knots that couldn't be easier to do (once you get the hang of it) - and you can make two for under $10. The results? Well you can just see for yourself!
100 foot clothesline rope (from Home Depot!)
Two bowls (the ones shown are wood ones from hoem goods, painted)
A small plant or succulent

step-1Cut 8 pieces of rope about 4-5 feet each. Make sure they’re the same length. You can always trim it down at the end really easily. Tape the edges right after you cut them because the rope will start to unravel as you work with it. You can also use a lighter to slightly melt the edges but I didn’t like that it made the ends brown.

step-1Gather your 8 pieces together and tie a knot at one end leaving a few inches at the bottom for your tassel.

step-1Split your rope into 4 sections, 2 strands each.

step-1About an inch above your first knot (that tassel knot) tie a double knot on each 2 strand section.

step-1Once you have your four knots, lay your piece flat. Then take one strand from each knot and tie it with a double knot to one strand from the knot next to it. Repeat on all sides. Repeat! This should give you a cross shape with square shape inside of it and a small cross in the middle.

step-1Lay your piece flat and place your bowl/plant in the center and gather the rope around the outside of the bowl to create the planter.

step-1Tie a knot at the top of your planter then braid or twist the remaining strands until you’ve reached how long you want your planter/how far down you want it to hang. You can cut it down if you’d like now.


Photography: Classy Clutter  | DIY: Classy Clutter | Original Post: Here