Behind the Scenes: Blogshop
July 16, 2014
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We all know and love Bri for her infectious smile, incredible design skills, and that wild head of blonde hair. And today we're taking a peek at her newest baby: Blogshop. Armed with her trusty sidekick, Angela, it's a weekend crash course in photoshop, geared towards bloggers, business owners and budding entrepreneurs. And we love it! Plus, we mayyyy have gotten her to share a secret photoshop tip or two. With photos from Monica Wang, there's more here! 
SMP: Tell us a little about Blogshop!
Blogshop is basically a really fun Photoshop boot camp. You spend two days learning everything we can possibly teach you about the program, about our process, and we try our best to empower you to make your online presence look amazing. You will learn from the ground up about how to create cool graphics, retouch photos, animate gifs, make mood boards and more...It's crazy how much you can learn in two days!
SMP: One thing you hope everyone takes away from your classes?
Confidence! Everyone comes to class for a different reason...To learn how to make their blog look beautiful, to enhance their photoshop skills in order to market their online store, or to just feel inspired. We want our students to walk away with confidence in themselves to go home and create exactly what they see in their heads and get it up online as quick as possible.
SMP: What was the tipping point in your business where you knew it would really thrive?
A few months in we were getting really comfortable with the material and felt really excited to be traveling around the world teaching this new class of ours! There was a moment when we were in Europe and just looked at each other and said "This is wild to be here, doing this!"
SMP: You and Angela have reached incredible success over the last little while. What's your secret?
We do our best to give every class we teach a unique spin. We carefully curate the decor, florals, goodie bags, venues...We put all of our efforts into the details. We not only want people to learn, we want them to have a creative experience and a weekend to remember.
SMP: Could you share a Photoshop tip or two with the rest of us?
One big tip is to take what you do know how to do with Photoshop, and think about how you can use your skills in different ways to get different results. It's always fun to watch the students learn a tool, and then be surprised when they find out that just that one tool can be applied in different ways. Something as simple as changing the opacity of a layer that you are working on can give your piece a whole different feel.
SMP: Do you have any tips for someone looking to launch their own workshop?
We have found it very helpful in our class to allow the student's practice time on their own materials. If a student learns a new tool, we watch it really stick with them when they can apply it to their own photos. We have also seen how important it is to get people excited and involved with each other. Set the tone for fun with mimosas, energetic music, and an already set­up photo backdrop so people can get to know each other and feel comfortable!
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SMP: If you could go back, would you change anything?
In the beginning, we use to print all of our materials at Kinko's and drag them in our suitcases to every city. And then we found out about MagCloud and they print our magazines for us and ship it directly to the city where were teaching. It’s a small thing that made a big difference!

SMP: Your most memorable Blogshop moment?
We love looking back on the amazing places we have been able to teach and all of the cool girls we’ve met along the way. Meeting so many fun personalities in class has definitely been memorable!

SMP: Any Blogshop bloopers you care to share?
Well, there was this one time that Bri's cat peed on her pants, she packed them and wore them to class all day. She thought the room smelled off, but turns out it was just her. So that wasn't great! Ha.

Just a note that Bri will be streaming the blogshop online class this weekend! If you're looking to sign up, head over here to the online registration page!