Parisian Chic Kitchen Tour
July 14, 2014
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There are fewer places where I feel more at home than in the kitchen. Dicing and slicing, usually with a glass of pinot in hand... it's where the magic happens around here. And if I had it my way, this kitchen right here. This bright, white, magical, enormous, beauty of a kitchen is where said magic would take place for all of eternity. With photos from Olivia LeighAllure With Decor has invited us in to peek!
From Olivia... This kitchen and dining room can only be described as a slice of dreamy white heaven for homeowner and interior designer, Terrie Day of Allure with Decor. It was designed to be a touch of Parisian Chic meets Rustic Romantic Farmhouse.
The 12’ floor to ceiling cabinets are wrapped in layers of creamy white moldings leaving the owner with the need to climb an old ladder to reach the top glass cabinets and hidden storage areas above the stove. Custom vinyl quotes are framed out in narrow strips of white tile molding and are changed out seasonally by the homeowners sister, Billie Hoover of B&D Vinyl.
Besides all of the white dinnerware filled cabinets, Terrie has accented the countertops with hints of Turquoise. There are vintage canisters and Blue china tea cups found years ago in the old mercantile shop. Even the cabinet hardware is of old with it’s pitted pewter knobs.
The unconventional flooring that Terrie chose was inspired by a small children's’ boutique in Northern California's wine country. It is a wide planked unfinished white oak reminiscent of the old french farmhouses.
With 3 little girls in the family, white granite countertops were chosen over white marble for its
practicality. Enhancing the old vibe of this new house the homeowner hung two extra large lanterns imperfectly over the 10’ long island built to seat all 5 family members. Terrie, not taking her home too seriously, embellished her rustic barstools with a her’s, her’s, her’s, her’s and his decal on the backs.
Moving on over to the dining room, you see a beautiful old farm table built out of old planks of wood and casual ivory slipcovered chairs. The distressed wood and iron chandelier takes its place center stage in this informal dining room. Adorning this room is an abundance of Parisian style moldings and an old armoire filled with many of Terrie’s french baking cookbooks and drawers of linen cloth napkins.
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Taking advantage of these tall ceilings, grey woven baskets filled with handmade polka dot pillows are styled beautifully atop the armoire. Seeing this stunning kitchen and dining room leaves a taste of Old European Romance and leaves you wanting to sit down to your croissant and cup of expresso. This is a taste of what’s to come… the rest of Terrie Day’s newly built home is in the process of being decorated!