Behind the Scenes: Bo Nuage
July 10, 2014
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Purveyors of the most delicious Parisienne inspired treat, Bo Nuage is a recently opened must-try LA bakery. Designed by the crazy talented J. Marx Atelier, this black and white shop is where sophisticated-glam meets melt-in-your-mouth sweets. Design and sugar all in one? I can get on board with that. We recently caught up with this husband and wife duo, and we're here today to tell the tale.
SMP: Tell us a little about Bo Nuage!
Bo Nuage is a Parisian style boutique specialized in a treat that combines whipped cream and meringue. This dessert has been a staple of northern of France for centuries and is known as the Merveilleux in Paris. It's airy, crispy and fluffy at the same time. That's the reason why we decided to call it Nuage (cloud in french). Because we think it's like eating a cloud.

SMP: What inspired you to start a bakery?
I used to buy them in a bakery down my street in Paris and I was so addicted to them that when we arrived in Los Angeles, I asked my husband to make them for me first. And then we thought that this is the dessert that Los Angeles was missing. It's gluten free, very light and very pretty as a gift too.
SMP: What's the most challenging part of running your own bakery?
The most challenging part of running our pastry is to be co-workers and married at the same time! Ha ha!
SMP: The most rewarding?
The most rewarding is too see the reaction of our customers when they try one of our nuage's. They are pleasantly surprised of this new texture and they especially love that they are gluten free. We have a lot of regular costumers. That is the best reward.

SMP: Your number one baking tip?
Our number one baking tip is to be patient, and don't be afraid to start all over again if it doesn't go according to plan.
SMP: Bo Nuage has been hugely successful. What's your secret to success?
Our secret of success is taking a good care of the quality of the treats. It's important for us to maintain it every day when we are baking.
SMP: How do you maintain that sought after work-life balance while running your own business?
It's not easy to maintain an after work-life balance. But our daughter helps us a lot to disconnect from work when we are back home.
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SMP: The best decision you ever made for your business?
The best decision we have made is to create the original recipe in 15 flavors. They only have 4 in France and people here are really enjoying the variety of colors and flavors.

SMP: And lastly, what's one thing that really made Bo Nuage thrive?
I think that what made Bo Nuage thrive is our passion for this treat and the constant efforts to improve our recipe.