DIY Striped Trunk
July 9, 2014
Would you believe me if I told you this trunk was originally a $7 thrifstore find? Because I, for one, would pay good money for this seemingly modern piece in a fancy design shop. Just in case you're feeling inspired to DIY your own one of a kind item, Sarah has shared every last step! And for more awesome design DIY's, you may want to head over to Knock Off Decor.

Vintage trunk
Goo gone (optional)
Brillo pad
White vinegar
Primer (use Kilz Adhesion Bonding Primer if the surface is glossy)
Scotch blue painters tape
Two paint colors of your choice
Clear polyurethane 

step-1 Start by removing any sticky bits or stickers with the goo gone and brillo pad. Next, give the whole thing a good thorough whipe down using equal parts white vinegar and water.

step-1 Prime your entire trunk (latches and all) using your primer

step-1 Once dry, coat the entire thing in a layer (or two, if required) of your first paint color of choice. Here, Sarah used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Barcelona Orange

step-1 Once dry, create stripes with 1.25″ painters tape. To ensure even lines, use small pieces of painters tape in between each row. Be extra careful overtop the latches and use smaller pieces to get in each crevice. Press down firmly to ensure no bleeding occurs.

step-1 Once dry, remove painters tape and add a clear coat of polyurethane!