DIY Stars & Stripes Stamped Flatware
July 4, 2014
If you've spent any time around here over the years, you may have noticed a trend. When it comes to a really epic party, the details reign queen. The backdrop for your custom photo booth, tiny flags atop your cupcakes, or stamped flatware are the key ingredient to making a 4th of July party really shine. One of our favourite way to do so: DIY stamps. Though we stamped our wooden flatware, these little guys could be used most anywhere!
MaterialsWooden flatware
Small wooden boards
9"x12" foam sheet
Small star cookie cutters or other star shape (for tracing)
Red ink pad
Blue ink pad
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Exacto knife
Baker’s twine

instructions step-1Slice the foam sheet into (10) ¼” slices with the scissors or exacto knife.

step-2Hot glue each strip of foam onto a wood board at a diagonal angle until you have stripes from top to bottom. Flip the board over and use the exacto knife to cut off any excess foam.

step-3Trace the star cookie cutters until you have 5-6 of each shape. Cut out the stars with the scissors or exacto knife.

step-4Hot glue the stars onto a wood board leaving about ¼” space between shapes.

step-5Press the stripe stamp into the red ink pad and stamp the handles of your forks and spoons. It might be easier to lay the stamp on it’s back and press the flatware down on top of it since the handle is so skinny.

step-6Press the the star stamp into the blue ink pad and stamp the handles of your knives.

step-7Let the flatware dry 20 minutes, then tie each group together with a bit of baker’s twine and tote along to your holiday picnic!


Photography: Ruth Eileen