DIY Push Pop Confetti
July 3, 2014
These star spangled beauties are legitimately my new favourite thing. Not only are they unique and adorable, but they're super easy to make. Plus, when you and your friends shower them at your 4th of July BBQ it's kind of sort of totally the best thing ever. Ever! 
MaterialsTissue paper confetti
Star confetti
Push pop containers
Gold glitter tape
"Boom, Pop, Sparkle" labels
Label paper


step-1Fill the push pop container to the brim with a mix of confetti and press on the lid.

step-2Download and print out the labels. Cut out the labels along the gray lines.

step-3Stick the labels on the push pop containers and finish with a bit of gold glitter tape.

step-4Hand out the push pops and when you’re ready to celebrate, pop off the lids and have everyone push up the pops with gusto!


Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography