Elegant Outdoor Dinner Party
June 27, 2014
United States
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While we're on the topic of outdoor entertaining, we thought it would be fitting to take a long, meandering look at this incredibly elegant dinner party. As it turns out, when you pair O'Malley Photographers with Mayhar Design magical things ensue. Throw in the most incredible floral centerpiece I've ever seen, and a picture perfect cake and you've got yourself an evening straight from heaven.
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From Mayhar Design ... To say that I am obsessed with color is a slight understatement. Hands down, it is one of my favorite ways to begin any design process. I love the way various tones and shades play off of and compliment each other in some of the most unusual and unexpected ways. As a compliment to the gorgeous estate, we played with tones of blue and coral and what better way to play than introducing them into a dinner party! Summer evenings entertaining friends and family are a fun and creative outlet and the perfect place to try out new designs on a small scale!

When planning small events at home, it's often overwhelming to think of fresh options, especially when you are working with the same set of decor each time. However, with just a little color, you can easily freshen up your party décor. By bringing in flowers, foods and a few linens geared towards a specific color palette or theme, watch your everyday pieces transform to create new and interesting designs each time! When planning or designing, always experiment and try new things. We hope you enjoy!!
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