Parisienne Inspired Office Tour
June 25, 2014
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When the sweet folks over at Chandelier Wedding agreed to let us peek at their new studio, I could have just kissed them square on the lips. Because this space? It's pure heaven. Inspired by Claude Monet and the streets of Paris, I can't imagine a more serene space in which to spend my days. With photos from the incredibly talented Nadia Hung, there's a whole gallery of lovely for you to get lost in.
From Chandelier Wedding... Why Monet? In my eyes, Claude Monet is an artist who inspires. He was a visionary, a perfectionist, a discoverer who often pushed the limit to unfold new colors and techniques. Greatly inspired by his attitude, confidence and dedication towards his art, his strong vision of what he wanted to bring to the world, we named our space “Studio Monet”.
The space was originally your standard, industrial office with mustard colored walls and brown commercial carpet (yuck!). Renovating and re-designing the entire space did take a few trips to home depot, a little patience along with some creativity and imagination. I am drawn to all things French and pastel pretty and I envisioned to transform the space into the perfect girl cave. Something comfortable and inviting. Something casual elegant of shabby chic with a lot of white, neutrals with a hint of sparkly accessories. Most importantly, something that reflects our brand and style.
Our industry is driven by visual aesthetics and creating “Studio Monet” was the most perfect opportunity to show our clients that “Chandelier Wedding” is not your average décor rental company. We are color-obsessed designers!
To brighten up the space, I went with white walls and beige cottage-style wood flooring. They make the perfect subtle backdrop for all my instagram and portfolio pictures. I went on a furniture safari, stopping at flea markets, second hand stores and multiple home sense locations to hunt for pieces with some French couture character and some undeniable vintage flairs. The round pedestal dining table was actually bought from a moving sale. It needed some touch ups, but the shape and size makes it the perfect consultation table.
Accessorizing and detailing the final touches was pure fun. We found the perfect ivory heritage chandelier for our ceiling from Home Depot. Throwing in a few vintage teacups, mercury vases and mint pillows to the studio, we were done!
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The Parisian gallery wall is definitely my favorite part of the studio. It screams our brand and defines vintage modern. The gorgeous antique gold wall mirror was purchased from Etsy. The surrounding frames were handpicked from couple different places. Some of which had the most delicate patterns, but in the wrong color. And thanks to spray paint, they are now in the perfect matching shade. The gallery wall is the first thing you see walking up into the studio space. Along with our mismatch loveseat, armchair & heritage chandelier, I made sure the studio left a bold and beautiful first impression to my brides.