Shibori Napkin DIY
June 20, 2014
Continuing on the indigo trend, Lauren Wells and First Mate are sharing their easy-as-pie DIY that I highly recommend you tackle. And soon! These shibori napkins are not only beautiful, but they look insanely pretty atop any and every al fresco table. Not hosting any summer parties you say? They make equally stunning hostess gifts for any event you have on the docket!
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MaterialsIndigo dye kit Natural fiber napkins Two 5-gallon buckets Rubber bands Cardboard Twine Clothespins Rubber gloves instructions step-1Following instructions on the dye kit, mix your dye in the 5 gallon bucket step-2While dye is setting, use rubber bands and cardboard pieces to prep the napkins. While the dye kit comes with some easy how-tos, we just played around with ours - you really can't go wrong! step-3Wearing rubber gloves, submerge the napkins in the dye for 3-5 minutes. (You can always put them in for longer if you want a darker blue). step-4Let dry overnight. step-5Fill the other bucket with cold water, and rinse the napkins. Snip away rubber bands. step-6Using clothespins, hang napkins to dry on the twine. Photography: First Mate | Floral Indigo Headband DIY: Pollen Floral Design | Invitation Suite: Mr Boddington's Studio| Styling And Shibori Napkin DIY: Lauren Wells Events
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