DIY Gold Bracelet + A Giveaway!!
June 18, 2014
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Many of us have splurged on that killer necklace for a wedding or that amazing ring (you just had to have) for a holiday party, but what do you do with those fancy accessories once the event is over? The Moms Project teamed up with Lindsie Jones of the popular Haute Bride to transform her favorite bridal piece into the perfect everyday stunner. Bonus: we're giving away her final piece to one lucky reader!
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Materials2 -Flat pointed nose pliers and wire cutters
Ruler or measuring tape.
Haute Bride brooch and pearl bracelet
Large textured chain
Small rhinestone chain
20(QTY)-5mm 20gauge open unsoldered gold jump-rings (these can be purchased at any local craft store)

step-1Measure your wrist with the measuring tape, and then measure the brooch from end to end.

step-2Take wire cutters and cut the strands of pearls off of the brooch and the end bars.

step-3Cut 4 pieces of large chain and 6 pieces of small chain to the same length as the pearls with your wire cutters.

step-4Begin with an open (unsoldered) jump ring:
a. Grasp the jump ring on either side of the opening with two pairs of chain nose pliers. Or if you don't have two pairs of pliers, you can use one pair of pliers and your fingers.
b. Close the jump ring by moving the sides together in a back and forth wiggle motion.
c. Gently move the right side up and left side down.
d. While moving them back and forth, overlap the sides of the ring so there is tension when the two sides meet.
e. Snap the two sides together to close the ring. The seam should be closed tightly.

step-5Before you close your jump-rings, loop the open ring through the one side of the first small piece of chain, then also loop it through the first open hole of the filigree on your brooch, then close the ring by bringing the open ends back together. (Steps shown above).

step-1Continue to add the rest of the chain pieces as stated in Step Four, and do the same with the jump-rings and the end bar!


From LindsieI've been designing jewelry since my wedding in 2001. To spread my creative wings, I  decided to start my own accessories line after an unsuccessful search for the perfect hair accessory for my own wedding day. I became determined to make this dream accessory on my own.

I started selling my custom hairpins on EBay and was quickly overwhelmed by the response and sales! I was working as an HR manager in the tech industry (during the crazy dot-com period) and 75% of my company’s workforce was reduced. I took a few months off and began to create more and more accessories for EBay, local boutiques and friends.

In 2004, I attended my first bridal market in Chicago and in New York. Both shows proved to be tremendously successful. Our designs are now available in over 200 retail bridal salons worldwide, and can be seen regularly gracing the cover and inside pages of the top bridal magazines. Our Flagship Salon and design studio are both located in downtown beautiful Los Gatos.

Every piece is handmade by a skilled artisan in our studio and we are proud to say that our designs are fully crafted in the USA. In 2006, we proudly accepted the “New Accessories Talent Designer of the Year” award at the Couture Bridal Market in NYC.

For more on how Lindsie made her business the shining success it is today and a must-have list of fashions to wear with these gorgeous baubles she's giving away, hop on over to today to The Moms Project. And don't forget to enter our amazing contest! xo


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