Behind the Scenes with Young House Love
June 16, 2014
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There are a ton of perks that come with blogging, but at the very top of that list is getting to know some of the sweet folks that share this internet space alongside you. And we call ourselves lucky to know and love everyone's favorite DIYing duo, John and Sherry from Young House Love. And since they just launched their very own line at Target (!!!), we thought we'd share a quick behind the scenes glimpse.
SMP: How long has your Target line been in the making?
We have worked on this line for almost three years, which is crazy to think about! At first we had no idea it would ever be sold in a place like Target, we just thought it would be fun to design some cool things and learn about the manufacturing process.
SMP: What was your design inspiration?
We really wanted things to feel cheeky and lighthearted, yet solid and well made. We don't like to take ourselves too seriously, and we think every room can use a little wink or a splash of fun, so we balanced a few more stately pieces (like our hooks that were inspired by old vintage doorknobs and skeleton keys) with some more playful items (like hooks that are shaped like a bee, an octopus, and our chihuahua Burger).
SMP: What was one thing that surprised you about working with a store as amazing as Target?
Just being at their headquarters in Minneapolis blew us away. Standing there in the hall thinking "we're about to meet with Target right now!" was an out of body experience. The whole time we thought "there's no way this will really happen, but it'll be a cool experience anyway" so it kinda made our brains explode when they said "let's do this."
SMP: Do you have plans for an extended collection? If so, what are you envisioning?
We're currently pitching more products and ideas, which we're crazy excited about. Hooks are just the beginning!
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SMP: How cool does Clara think it is that her picture is on the back of a Target box?
She's so funny. Her favorite box is the one with Burger on the back. It cracks her up. And when she looks at the family photo she says "oh that's baby Clara, now I'm a big girl." She definitely has grown a lot since that shot was taken. They grow up so fast (sniffle).