Spicy Jalapeño Popsicles
June 10, 2014
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The sun is shining, the heat is back - perfect time to start making popsicles again! I've made my share of berry pops so this time I infused some bold flavors. These fresh jalapeño popsicles are refreshing with a bit of zingy heat. It makes for a perfect flavor combo on a hot day. Bonus: make them even more grown up with a splash of rum or tequila! For more recipes, head on over to Audrey's!
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Spicy Jalapeño Popsicles
Prep Time
240 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
240 Minutes
1.5 cups of cilantro, stems included 3 small peeled, seedless cucumbers
1/2 packed cup of mint leaves Juice of 3 limes
1-2 Jalapeño peppers, seeds removed 2-4 teaspoons of coconut sugar, or sweetener of your choice
2 cups of coconut water
Add all ingredients in a mixer, starting with 1 jalapeño and small amount of sweetener. Mix until well blended and very liquid. Taste and adjust sweetness and heat by adding more jalapeño and/or coconut sugar. Fill Popsicle mold with liquid and freeze 4 -6 hours until solid, or according to your mold instructions.
If you are having trouble finding limes due to the shortage, try it with bottles lime juice or lemon juice.
If you choose to add alcohol, don't add too much or the pops won't freeze
This made 7 small and 3 large popsicles for me