DIY Father's Day T-Shirt
June 10, 2014
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Okay, so you may have grown out of macaroni picture frames and homemade cards by now, but "Best Dad Ever" paraphernalia is always awesome, no matter your age. This super simple DIY is for the man who has it all, but deserves a little extra love come Father's Day. I know for a fact that mine, as macho as we let him believe to be, would be all over it.
MaterialsWhite tshirt
Iron transfer paper
“Best Dad Ever” template


step-1Download & print out the “Best Dad Ever” template onto iron transfer paper, according to package instructions.

step-2Cut out the label with scissors, getting rid of as much excess transfer paper as possible.

step-3Press label face down on the center of the tshirt. Turn off the steam on your iron and press the hot iron on the label for 30 seconds without moving. Repeat until entire label has been pressed. Remove iron and let label cool, then peel off the paper backing. Give to your favorite Dad!


Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography