DIY Emergency Car Kit
June 9, 2014
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On the off chance that you had trouble sourcing a gift for dear old dad in our Ultimate Father's Day Shop Round-Up this morning, we may have found the solution: the emergency car kit. Perfect for the practical dad, easy on the wallet, and incredibly thoughtful. One word of advice: throw one together for yourself while you're at it! These things have been known to come in handy in the past!
Materials“Emergency Car Kit” Label
Label paper
Vintage box (we found ours on Etsy)
Wool blanket (we found ours on Etsy)
Emergency equipment of your choice, we added:
Water bottles
Granola Bars
Hand sanitizer
Basic medicine for pain relief, motion sickness, & upset stomach
Bug spray
Baby wipes
Travel toilet paper
First Aid Kit
Safety Whistle
Emergency flare kit
Tire pressure gauge
Emergency radio
Jumper cables
Warning triangles
Tire plug kit
Paracord rope
Seatbelt cutter/Glass breaker


step-1Pack the box with all the necessary equipment.

step-2Download the “Emergency Car Kit” label and print out onto label paper. Cut out the label and attach to the box. Give to Dad for Father's Day, or keep for yourself!


Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography