Glittery Bridal Shower
June 6, 2014
It's very rare for me to meet a party I do not like, but I will readily admit to being partial to one that's infused with citrus-y hues and glittery champagne bottles. Throw in a mimosa bar, a yogurt parfait bar and fancy cupcakes galore and I'm just barely able to contain the excitement! Designed by Lemon & Lime Event Design, with photos from READYLUCK, there's more bridal shower lovely where this came from right here in the gallery.  
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From Lemon & Lime Event Design... Of course we love all of our clients, but planning something for one of our own is extra special! We can't get enough of weddings and events full of personalized details and small touches, so when it came to planning lemon & lime event design co-owner Katey Clark's bridal shower, we took a minute to think about what Katey really loves, and Katey really loves Kate Spade. The bold patterns, the bright colors, and the emphasis on good times and great friends, all scream Katey!

For Katey's bridal shower brunch, we pulled inspiration from Kate Spade's recent lemon centric collection (obviously we at lemon & lime love lemons!). We choose white, black, and gold as our more neutral background colors and brought in that must have pop of color through citrus inspired tones, such as bright yellows, oranges, greens, and pinks. Of course, citrus played a big role throughout the shower as well, from the lemons on the invitation and escort cards to the oranges at each place setting.

We wanted the bright and cherry blooms to be loose and full, to act as a sort of juxtaposition for the controlled striped patterns seen on the table linen, ribbons, and two large canvases. Throughout the space, we placed Kate Spade inspired typographical prints that reminded us of Katey and why she is such a special person. For a sweet treat, guests were encouraged to nibble on bow tie adorned cupcakes and to help themselves to a yogurt parfait bar, where they had to choose between topping their cups with raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries.

A champagne and juice bar helped guests get into the celebratory mood and loosen up for a fun photo shoot. We took inspiration from Kate Spade ads and imagery for this portion of the shower and the ladies and Katey had so much fun twirling around and playing with the photo props (large lollipops, a metallic gold boa, and lots and lots of smiles). Throw in some confetti (literally) and it was a fantastic and fun bridal shower brunch!

From Katey... This whole wedding planner plans her own wedding thing has been quite interesting! One of the most fun aspects about being the bride though, is getting to see your family and friends (who live all over the country) at wedding events like bridal showers and bachelorette parties leading up to the big day!

It's also pretty awesome that one of the bridal showers was planned by my business partner, Ashley and colleague Ellen. Clearly these ladies know me very well so to say they threw me a bridal shower that was perfect is an understatement. I walked into the room and was just blown away by everything --- it was so "me" and I just about died seeing all of the fun details. From the stripes and confetti, to the bright flowers, gold pineapples and mimosa bar -- it was perfection. They know I am on a strict wedding diet, so they even got whole grain waffles dipped in chocolate -- you know because when it's whole grain, even with chocolate on it, it's healthy! It was also really special for some of my favorite wedding vendors in the area to work together on shower for me. Our wedding vendor teams become close friends since we work together so often, so it was fun for them to be involved in making the shower so lovely and tasty from the moment I got the invitation to enjoying the beautiful flowers for a week after the shower.

It was so nice to hang out with my mom, friends from high school, college and "real world" life friends chatting about old times together and what a great addition my fiancé Matt has been to our lives. It was a gift card shower -- which I highly recommend if you're looking for a shower theme. Matt and I currently live in an apartment, so between the wedding decor and gifts, space is very limited. Instead of boring guests with present opening, I opened up the cards from my friends and shared with the group how we knew each other and one of my favorite memories of our friendship --- which brought on lots of laughs and stories!

It was a day to remember for sure and thanks to READYLUCK I will be able to remember it via beautiful pictures forever.
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