Travel to Dubai
May 21, 2014
I'm somewhat of a travel junkie and have been known to hop on a plane at any opportunity to jet off to my next adventure. In truth: there isn't a single square inch of the world that I'm not interested in unveiling. And, by in large thanks to Anouschka Rokebrand and her most recent vacation, Dubai has slowly been creeping up my list of must-see places. If this hasn't convinced you, surely the gallery will do the trick!
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From Anouschka Rokebrand... We've just returned from a few amazing days in beautiful Dubai. What an amazing experience! The contrasts are amazing in this city. Old souks and neighbourhoods on the one side and modern highrise buildings on the other. The people are incredibly friendly and helpful - a true joy to visit.

The Middle East is such an amazing area to travel to, it's such a different world from ours and we absolutely love it. We dune bashed in the desert (such a fantastic experience - so fast and wild!), we watched desert sunsets (one of the most amazing things you can experience - beautiful and very humbling). We also found out that camels are more common to have as pets than cats and dogs! I adore camels but may stick to dogs for now. All jokes aside, this was an amazing experience in which we not only explored the city but also the surrounding Hatta Mountains and the stunning desert.

I'd recommend anyone to spend a few days here, it's a wonderful experience!