Fresh Summer Cocktails, 3-Ways
May 21, 2014
United States
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I can't think of anything better to cool off with on a summer evening than fresh, cold-pressed juice mixed with a dash of liquor! Sarah Dyles and Erin, Executive Chef at the Oxford Exchange, are sharing not one but three brilliant cocktail recipes inspired by Chef Erin's original cold-pressed juices. After looking at all the mouthwatering photos from Justin DeMutiis, I'm itching to try my hand at the Market Margarita, Asian Lemonade, & Cool as a Cucumber Cocktail!
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Now for what you've been waiting for- the cocktail recipes! Each recipe uses a different cold-pressed juice as it's base. The juices are made from local, fresh, organic ingredients and you can purchase them at the Oxford Exchange Market or try your hand at making your own version.
1.25 oz Tequila
2.5 oz Spicy Lemon (blend of fresh lemon juice, cayenne, agave, & water)
Sea salt + raw sugar blend for rim (50/50 ratio)
Small amount of simple syrup to rim glass

1. Shake ingredients well with ice.
2. Gently dip rim of glass into simple syrup, then sea salt + raw sugar blend.
3. Pour into glass, garnish with lime wedge.
1.25 oz Vodka
2.5 oz PH-G (blend of fresh lemon juice, ginger, & stevia)
4-5 Thai Basil Leaves
1 tsp Simple Syrup
Granulated candied ginger for rim
Additional simple syrup for rim

1. Gently muddle basil leaves and simple syrup to release natural oils and fragrance from the leaves.
2. Add vodka, juice and ice and shake ingredients well.
3. Gently dip rim of glass into simple syrup, then into candied ginger.
4. Pour ingredients into glass and garnish with a basil leaf.
1.25 oz Gin
1.25 oz Chillax (blend of fresh pineapple, cucumber, romaine lettuce, lemon juice & cilantro)
3 Cucumber Slices
2 lime wedges
Approximately 10 cilantro leaves

1. Crush cucumber, lime and cilantro with a muddler to release natural oils and juices.
2. Add ice, gin and Chillax and stir gently.
3. Top with sparkling water.