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May 19, 2014
United States
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Purveyors of all things girly-fabulous, has stolen our hearts far and wide. Their bright, poppy pieces are undeniably infectious, and it's no surprise that their project managers abode is of the same aesthetic. Chock full of bold patterns and coral hues galore, this is one home that's sure to plaster a smile across your face. With photos from Monica Wang, there's more where this came from and it's all right here.
From Tara... Our home has really come together by collecting bits and pieces over the years - I guess you could say it’s really a collection of places we’ve been, colors we love (metallics, neutrals, and… pink! Clearly that’s me, not my husband), and things we fell in love with along the way. Each piece - small or large - usually holds some sort of memory and adds it’s own hint of personality to the mix. I’m a believer in holding out until you find the perfect piece - if that’s a rug or a frame or a vase - so our home has very slowly come together!
The living room is easily where we spend all of our time so we’ve always made sure that it’s just as cozy as it is pretty! I have literally been collecting these throw pillows for my entire adult life, from vacations in New Zealand to sample sales in NYC to homemade gifts from my mom... I guess you could say I like to mix patterns and textures! We only recently added the picture ledges above the couch - I’m hoping it encourages us to print more photos and switch them out on a regular basis. I’m really trying to make an effort to print our photos - I don’t want all our memories to just live digitally on our computers…especially now that we have our tiny lady! And that box of sequins on the coffee table? That is literally all the confetti from our wedding that I painstakingly saved and hoarded until I found the perfect box to display it.
I just thought this little nook called for a sitting area - so we tried to create one that was fun and comfortable with the hopes that we would actually sit and enjoy it! As with most of our home, these piece just sort of came together over the years. The pink swivel chair was one of the first things I bought when I moved to LA 7 years ago - I mean clearly this was a necessity! The rocking chair I bought off a good friend last year and the rug was a ridiculous steal from Cost Plus World Market. I’m not usually a blue person but I love that it’s such a bold print that it really defines the space for us. I found this twinkling light fixture here in Santa Monica - I literally walked by the store, caught a glimpse and then walked myself right in there to purchase. You can actually put them anywhere because they stand on their own and bend to change shapes, but I love them as starbursts.
Since we have a completely open floor plan downstairs, we really try to make each space feel unique but also want to ensure they blend together a bit so it doesn’t feel like a circus when you walk in! We actually have a very large space for a dining area and we knew we wanted a pretty sizable table. I pretty much like everything in oversize - art, photos, furniture, anything, so this was really exciting for me! We looked around for years and finally stumbled on this table at HD Buttercup here in LA hiding in a back room - it was rustic and industrial and seemed to have enough personality to hold it’s own in such a big space. We added the wicker chairs on the ends to warm it up a bit. We did not intend for the area to be essentially gray tones, but when it all came together that’s where we ended up! I’m personally obsessed with the wall paper - metallics are my neutral so this adds a bit of unexpected shimmer. Truth be told, we rarely eat here so I usually just get to play around with fun tablescapes every season. The picture hanging in the background is our very favorite wedding photo - we call it the Vanity Fair shot and I couldn’t love it more.
Ah, the nursery. Clearly my favorite room in the house! As a lover of all things that sparkle and shimmer and, as anyone will tell you, all shades of pink, finding out I was having a girl literally made my heart burst. So to say the nursery was probably the easiest for me to design would be a total understatement - it’s also the only room in the house that was fully designed in one swoop rather than a collection of things over time. I had fallen in love with the color palate: blush, pink grapefruit, gold/sparkle, black and cream. I thought it was the perfect blend of girly and modern without being too babyish. My mom is an amazing quilt maker, so I essentially commissioned her to make a quilt and used this as my jumping off point for the entire room. On a girl gang trip to Nashville last year, I picked up the adorable Karen Elson kitty concert poster at Third Man Records which locked in the color palate for me. The room sort of unfolded from there!
(Huge thanks to Shutterfly for featuring this adorable nursery here!)

I knew I wanted a white crib against a pop of pink, a comfortable but normal looking glider and a really warm, textured rug. I had been hoarding these amazing sequin curtains from Anthropologie for over a year just waiting for the opportunity to use them - they are maybe my most prized sale purchase of all time. I would wear them as a dress if I could.
This used to be our guest room and home office - so the bed had to stay as did most of the books in the book shelf so i tried to incorporate them as best I could. My sister-in-law helped me make the HELLO NAOMI sign for Tiny's homecoming (I’ve called her Tiny since she was born and can’t seem to break the habit!) which then perfectly fit on the wall above the bed, and one of my good friends painstaking helped me put up the Ferm Living polka dots so they would be perfectly scattered! All of our family lives on the east coast,  so it was important for me to include them in the room somehow so they would all be there with her regardless of how many miles away they actually are. I pulled all of the polaroids of grandparents, uncles, aunts, great grandmothers and of course mom and dad and hung them with washi tape. And then of course I let my little heart go wild filling in the girly knickknacks and artwork! I hope she loves it!
I like to keep our bedroom simple - nothing too overly thought out or designed. I really like it to feel like a big sigh at the end of the day to be honest. So, I always stick with bright, white bedding that we can just fall into after a long day. Of course, the sheets are a mix of stripes and polka dots - can’t seem to get away from my favorite patterns! There are some meaningful knickknacks scattered around - a french bulldog bank that Ben’s aunt gave us that is an ode to our Frankie, an Hermes pillow that we got as a wedding gift which has hands down got to be the nicest thing we own, an old school polaroid of our entire family that was taken at my baby shower.
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LIVING ROOM: Mirror: One King’s Lane | Picture Ledges: West Elm | Frames: Ikea | Heart: DIY heart from Michaels (similar) | Couch: Landon Cole here in LA | Blanket: Anthropologie | Coffee Table: CB2 | Rug: Dwell Studio
FIREPLACE NOOK: Rug: Cost Plus World Market (similar) | Pink chair: Room & Board (similar) | Side Table: West Elm | Hanging  Lights: Weego Home (similar) | Skateland Print: Jen GotchDINING ROOM: Wallpaper: oh joy for Hygge and West | Table: hd Buttercup | Metal Chairs: Crate and Barrel | Wicker Chairs: Ikea | Lamps: West Elm  |
you & me: Oh Dier on etsy | Rug: | Table Runner: Anthropologie  | Vases: Target, Crate and Barrel, Ikea

NURSERY: Crib: Dwell studio | Glider: Dwell Studio | Dresser: Ikea (switched out the knobs) | Side Table: Target | Bedding: West Elm | Giraffe: Anthropologie | Curtains: Anthropologie | Dress: Tutu du Monde | Pouf: CB2 | Throw Pillows: West Elm & Land of Nod | Hamper: Ferm Living |Mobile:  etsy | Heart Blanket: Yarning Made on Etsy  | Rug: Overstock | ABC girlie type print: Danielle Kroll | Bobbi pin and hair brush print: Riffle | Kitty Print: Third Man Records | Love Print: Pretty Chic on etsy

BEDROOM: Bed/headboard: Landon Cole | Side Tables: West Elm | Curtains: Anthropologie  | Throw Pillows: Target | Sheets & bedding: West Elm / kate spade | Brass bird wall art: One King’s Lane