Woodland Glam Baby Shower
May 15, 2014
United States
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I've reached that point in life where my Facebook newsfeed is flooded with tiny booties and fuzzy ultrasound photos. In other words: I have a feeling that many a baby shower is on the horizon. And if they're half as lovely as Lovelyfest's, filled with woodland glam & ice cream sandwich bars, I'm happy to oblige. Captured by Alexandra Wallace, there's more adorable to be found right here!
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From Lovelyfest... This baby shower was such a special one for us at Lovelyfest because Natalie, my sister and Lovelyfest partner, is pregnant with her very first baby! This is also a first for our family of three girls. Fortunately for our dad and her hubby, she's having a boy! Right when we found out about the pregnancy, the two of us started talking the nursery! While she was chatting away about the room, I was scheming the design of her baby shower! I wanted her shower to reflect her personal style, have a few elements from her nursery theme, and also mirror her and her hubby's fun personalities.

The theme was meant to blend Natalie's chic and glam style with her husband's manly hunter ways. I got my mom on board and we came up with the Woodsy Glam theme, using deer and elk sheds sourced by Matthew, her husband, and glitzy gold touches in the details. Our color palette included mint, jewel green, gold, grey, black and white. These colors both reflect Natalie's personal style and the style of her home, without being too girly for the little guy on the way!

To create the feeling of having different textures we used white fur, gold leather, leopard print, and polka dot runners. Each design detail was individually thought out, and many times, crafted by my mom and I! We made all the tissue paper flowers (using beautiful gold foil polkadot tissue paper), sewed streamers for the sweets table decor, cutout an "Oh Boy" sign for the ice cream sandwich station, molded paper mache faux taxidermy, made tissue tassel garlands, and had handwritten signs throughout.  I loved crafting every part of this shower for Natalie, because usually I craft for our Etsy Shop (LovelyfestGoods) and send everything off without seeing if the client loved it or not.

We had her dear friend create a menu based on Natalie's favorite foods including caesar salad, pressed sandwiches, and four-cheese mac and cheese. Ice cream and cookies are two of her favorite desserts, so we had a 'make-your-own' ice cream sandwich bar complete with homemade cookies! On the other side of the porch we had a bartender crafting the signature cocktail, a Blue Raspberry Lemondrop, which matched the mint color of the shower perfectly. The mocktail was a simple lemonade rimmed with the same gold sugar as the cocktails, making it feel just as fancy!

To keep this upscale feel throughout the shower, we didn't want to play any cheesy games, so instead opted to make a book for the little guy to learn his ABC's! We handed out card stock printed with a letter from the alphabet on each page and told each guest to draw something that relates to that letter. We then placed them in order in a mint chevron print scrapbook. This gave the guests a little activity to do that serves as something special that Natalie can have forever! We finished off the day by enjoying Natalie open gifts on the middle of the porch, and could not have asked for a better time! It was perfect for her and captured everything she loves.