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May 14, 2014
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We've featured a ton of incredible kid-themed birthday parties, but we've yet to dabble in the world of florals. And the little crafter that resides within me would have gone nust-o for this! Throw in some kid-inspired apps and buttercream cupcakes and you've officially got yourself a party! With images from Michelle Wells and design by Willow & Whimsy, there's so much more right here.
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From Willow & Whimsy... Evie's birthday party was separated into three parts. First, the children found their name tags in front of a plain mason jar; the centre of the table was scattered with vintage plates full of glitter, apothecary jars full of ribbons and vases full of feathers and rocks. Using their special purple-to-invisible gluesticks, the girls decorated their mason jars with flower stickers and other pretty, sparkly things.

While the mason jars were set aside to dry, we took a snack break featuring healthy treats and the birthday girl blew out the candle on the cupcake on the top of the stand. They enjoyed some organic mango and lemon juice with chevron patterned paper straws, and munched on grapes while they danced and giggled.

After the snacks were all gone the girls washed their hands, we put water in their customised mason jars and set out a 'flower buffet' containing 100% locally-sourced and sustainably grown floral product. The table was covered in fun and cheerful daffodils, soft and elegant tulips, bright roses, fluffy viburnum and fresh greenery. I taught the girls how to arrange flowers in a pleasing way and gave them free-reign to pick and choose their flowers to their liking. All of the products were pre-cut to fit in the mason jars, so we didn't have to worry about little fingers and big cutting shears!

At the end of the party each girl got to take home the arrangement they made, and once the flowers collapse they will still have the mason jar they decorated.

It was a fantastic party and I'm so pleased that we were able to be a part of Evie's special day. It was flawlessly documented by the amazing Michelle Wells of Michelle Wells Photography, and the kids loved the mini cupcakes by the local Crave Bakery.
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