DIY Tea Set
May 6, 2014
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Though we originally put this sweet gift together for Mother's Day, I'm fairly certain it would make for an adorable gift for anyone year round. Hostess gift? Birthday gift? It's totally interchangeable. Pair it with a cute mug (with matching saucer if you're looking to truly impress) and you're totally and completely set!
Paper mache box
8” tulle circles
Ombré wrapping paper (1 sheet)
White twine
White embroidery thread
Loose tea
Glue stick
Fresh flowers for garnish

step-1Place the paper mache box on the ombré paper and wrap around the outside the box like you would a present. Cut out the paper needed to cover the box, leaving 2” extra on each side.

step-2Cover the box with the paper (teal side up), using the glue stick. When you reach corners, use the exacto knife or scissors to cut out extra paper so the corners lie flat. Wrap the excess paper around the interior of the box.

step-3Cut a piece of paper to cover the inside of the box with an extra inch on each side. Glue the paper to the interior and use the exacto knife to trim the excess paper around the borders.

step-4Mix several teas to create your own unique blends. Looking for some inspiration? Here are some herbal tea recipes to try.
step-5 Scoop 1- 2 tablespoons of tea into the center of two layers of tulle circles. Gather the sides of tulle and tie off into a little bundle with the white embroidery thread. Leave a tail of thread about 4” long. Trim excess tulle. *If your tea has lots of small bits, you may want to use a third layer or pre-made tea filter paper.

step-6Cut a 1” strip of the ombre paper, along the border where you can see the brushstrokes of color. Cut the strip into ½” widths to make tea tags. Write the flavor on each tag, then draw an “x” with the exacto knife on the top of each tag. Thread the end of the tea bag tail through the “x” and tie off.

step-7Tuck the teas into the box and tie the box closed with twine. Tuck in a sprig of spring blossoms right before you give it to your mother!


Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography