DIY Beaded Necklace
May 1, 2014
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Though I tend to reach for classic pieces when it comes to fashion, I love adding a modern flair to my every day ensemble by incorporating more trendy accessories. Statement rings, chunky bracelets, over-the-top baubles... I truly don't discriminate. But if there's one thing I reach for time and time again, it's a simple dainty necklace. And this DIY beauty? It's officially my new wardrobe staple.
100” Gold chain 
Gold lobster clasp
Turquoise beads
Faceted white beads
Gold crimp beads
Gold wire
Needle nose pliers (with wire clipper)


step-1Cut a 44” length of gold chain. Thread a gold crimp bead onto a bit of gold wire, then thread the wire through the end of the lobster clasp and the end of the gold chain. Wrap the wire around each piece then tuck into the crimp bead. Flatten the crimp bead with the pliers. Repeat with the hoop side of the clasp and the other side of the chain.

step-2Cut a 12” length of gold wire and thread through one of the chain hoops close to the bottom of the chain, until it is equal on both sides. Thread on a turquoise bead, then wrap the wire through the next chain hoop, then thread on another bead. Continue doing this until you have wrapped 18 beads onto the chain, then repeat with the same number of beads on the other side of the chain. Wrap the wires around the chain to secure it, trim to a short length, and tuck the ends into a bead so the wire won’t scratch when wearing.

step-3Repeat step 2 in two more sections along the necklace, in an 11 bead length and a 3 bead length.

step-4Cut a 3” length of gold wire and thread on 5 white beads. Lay the chain flat on a table and determine where you would like the white beads to go. Trim the chain with plier clippers to match the length of the beads. Thread a crimp bead on one end of wire, then thread the wire through one end of gold chain and fold back on itself, through the crimp bead. Trim any excess wire to about ¼” long. Press the crimp bead flat with the pliers, then tuck the cut wire into a white bead. Repeat on the other end of the beads to attach to the chain.

step-5 Repeat step 4 in two more sections along the necklace, in a 4 bead and 1 bead length, and the necklace is finished!


Photography: Ruth Eileen