Homemade Vanilla Infused Honey
April 30, 2014
United States
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With a little help from Juniper & Dash and Alexandra Whitney, honey gets a delicious facelift with the addition of vanilla bean. Can you think of a better combination? I certainly cannot! And this little nugget is so easy, and so delicious, it needs to make its internet rounds. And if it hasn't already occurred to you, I have a good feeling mom would go nutty for the stuff this Mother's Day!
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From Juniper & Dash... I am obsessed with infusing things, combining two flavors to create a super flavor, perfection! This vanilla infused honey is so yummy I just kept eating it with a spoon. It wasn’t until I made the second batch that I actually got around to using it in tea, on bread, in a cocktail! These are now my go to hostess gift and will definitely be going out to the moms this Mother’s Day!
Vanilla Infused Honey
Prep Time
5 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
5 Minutes
Jar Local Honey 1-2 Vanilla beans
Airtight container (the one I used was 7.4oz, try to keep around 1 cup} Sharp knife
Honey spoon or chopstick for stirring Cutting board
Pour honey into airtight container
On the cutting board take one vanilla bean and slice halfway through the bean?s skin
Spread the bean open and take the knife and scrape the beans into the honey
Use the honey spoon and blend the beans into the honey
Wipe off rim and seal container
Vanilla beans will separate from honey the longer it sits. So stir well before serving.
NOTE: When infusing honey most herbs must be removed from honey after sitting for 2-3 weeks. Vanilla honey is ready to serve immediately. Vanilla is one of the few spices that don?t need to be removed from honey before serving. So if you choose to make other infused honey?s make sure to refer to <a href="http://www.foodsafetysite.com/consumers/faq/?m_knowledgebase_article=640"> safety instructions. </a>