DIY Abstract Art
April 24, 2014
For me, art is one of those must-haves that is either decidedly a splurge or decidedly a steal. Because I love art and believe in slowly collecting art that inspires, investing in artists and building a gallery that tells a story - all while filling in the blanks with a few fabulous DIY pieces like this Abstract "X" Painting! So easy, so lovely. Oh and check out ALL of our fave DIY art pieces here!
Square canvas (we used a 36” square canvas)
4 fl oz white acrylic paint
2.5 fl oz red acrylic paint
2.5 fl oz yellow acrylic paint
3” paint brush
2” paint brush
1 package of gold leaf
Gold leaf adhesive
Paper towels
Plastic bowl to mix paint in
Plastic tarp to paint on


step-1Paint a layer of white acrylic in an 8” wide strip around the outside edges of the canvas.

step-2Mix a large amount of white, a small amount of red, and a pinch of yellow paint together to make a nice medium peach. Paint peach in a square shape in the center of the canvas. Keep painting out towards the white acrylic and as you work your way outward, keep adding more white to lighten the color.

step-3Rinse out your paint bowl and add in white paint. Mix with your brush to make a very light peach (the color on the bristles will rub off into the paint). Use this color to blend the edges of the peach square with the white border of the painting.

step-4Let the paint dry 1 hour. Lay the canvas on a flat table or floor. Paint a large X in the center of the canvas with the adhesive and the 2” brush. Let dry 15 mins until tacky.

step-5 Press sheets of gold leaf over the sticky X shape until it’s completely covered. Brush off any excess gold leaf with a dry paint brush or your fingers. Hang your painting and enjoy!

Photography: Ruth Eileen