DIY Gender Reveal Egg Packages
April 21, 2014
I'm expecting my first little one this summer, and after my husband and I found out what we are having (a boy!), we were stumped on how to share the news. There are tons of ideas out there for gender reveal parties, but what about all our long-distance friends and family? We put our heads together, and came up with these cute little eggs!
These eggs are more interactive than a card but still lightweight enough to mail. Your family receives an egg with a question mark and instructions to crack it open to find out the gender of the baby. Once they crack it, the color inside reveals the sex, along with a handful of celebratory confetti and a teeny tiny message. Needless to say, these eggs were a hit- I hope you have fun making your own!

Paper boxes 
White shredded paper fill
Striped washi tape 
Avery label paper
Aqua paint marker
Flat white spray paint
White tissue paper
Blue or Pink confetti
Egg dye
White eggs
White vinegar
Latex gloves
“What Will Baby Be?” and “Crack Me Open” labels


step-1Poke a hole in both ends of an egg with the toothpick. Wiggle the toothpick around to make the hole slightly larger and break up the yolk inside. Use the straw to blow against one hole to push out the egg yolk. Rinse out the egg and repeat with remaining eggs. Make a couple extra eggs in case one cracks along the way.

step-2Dissolve a tablet of blue or pink egg dye in a tablespoon of white vinegar in a large glass or metal bowl. Fill the rest of the bowl with water until there is enough water to completely cover the eggs. Put on latex gloves, then add the eggs one at a time, holding them completely submerged until they fill with the dyed water and rest at the bottom of the bowl. Let eggs soak until they reach a nice shade of color- the inside will be about the same or slightly darker as the outside.

step-3Rinse out the eggs and let dry on a paper towel overnight. You may want to use a hairdryer to ensure there is no moisture left inside the egg. You can crack one of the extra eggs to check the moisture level and dye color.

step-4Spraypaint the eggs white in several light coats. It’s helpful to use the “drying rack” from the Paas egg dye to keep them in place while painting, just flip the egg after each coat. Let the eggs dry completely.

step-5 Cut a piece of paper to 4” x ½” and write “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”. Roll up the paper into a tight scroll and push into one of the egg holes. Add several pinches of confetti into the egg.

step-6Cut the white tissue paper into small circles slightly larger than the holes in the egg. Glue the paper circles over the holes in each egg.

step-7Assemble the paper boxes and fill part way with shredded paper.

step-8Download the labels and print out onto the label paper. Cut out each label. Center the “Crack Me Open” labels on the inside of the box cover. Draw a question mark on each egg using the aqua paint marker and place an egg in each box.

step-9Close the box lids and seal with a strip of washi tape. Place a “What Will Baby Be?” label over the end of the washi tape. Mail this little surprise to close family and friends!

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photograpy | Design & Styling: Style Me Pretty Living