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April 21, 2014
United States
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Though I'm typically drawn to bright, white, verging-on-modern spaces, I can't help but feel a kinship to Signora E Mare's cozy abode. The layers upon layers of found objects, paired perfectly with more traditional sensibilities are reeling me in. The vibe? Cozy and warm, like a big ol' hug or a plate full of  cookies. Captured by Laura Catherine, there's more lovely to be found right here.
From Signora E Mare... Dorothy said, "There's no place like home". And, she was right. A home is what you make of it - it can be a sweet shoebox in manhattan or a sprawling mansion in the hills of California. For me and my husband, home is a post-war condo nestled in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.
My favorite things about our little abode are those which many might find an annoyance. For instance, the plaster walls which tend to give the most avid handyman a run for his money, only seem to enhance the originality of this place. Or, perhaps it's the oak floors that seemingly serve to disturb those who cross their threshold with a load groan, but only enhance my fondness for their durability and character.
Each nook and cranny of this place is filled with meaning and purpose. From the chandelier that once hung at our wedding reception and now lives prominently above a 1940s dining room table we picked up from a local thrift shop to the old photographs that litter our living room of grandparents and days gone by. The living room is a mixture of soft linens, silk and leather to give a subtle Farmhouse style. The drapes were a wonderful find from a thrift shop we frequent and the toile pattern in the burnt gold really lends itself to our style.
Our dog, Yellah, is often found lounging in his favorite spots in the home...a bit like a rug.
One of my husband's favorite pieces is the giant antique wine jug from France that sits on our Restoration Hardware table we found for a steal. It's teardrop shape really draws the eye in. One of my favorite areas is the gallery wall. Lined with a mixture of paintings and images of our lives together. It really brings in a sense of warmth to the room.
My studio is in our home as well and emulates a burrow with it's warm chocolate gray color. The color is offset with rustic wire baskets and a farmhouse style desk that I reclaimed with a bit of paint and stain from our Aunt's lake house.
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Our bedroom is my retreat- my hideaway from the rest of the world. Outfitted in a soft platte of pale blues and linens. My husband is a great collector of rugs- a trait he inherited from his grandmother- the one that lays in our room is a lovely one that really serves to bring out the pastels in the room.

A great place for memories to be made.