10 Tips for a Perfect Easter Brunch with Sinclair & Moore
April 18, 2014
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I want to live in the world of Sinclair & Moore. Because with features like today's Easter Brunch (and last month's blueberry pancakes) I have fallen more and more in love with this talented duo. Plus, Steve has been gracious enough to share his 10 tips for hosting a successful brunch. Along with photos from Matthew Land, brace yourself for a day of beauty. More right here!
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from Steve Moore of Sinclaire & Moore

Whether you are celebrating Easter or just welcoming the beginning of the spring season, there is nothing better than gathering with your friends and family over a meal filled with sweet and savory treats. Spring is the perfect season to host a brunch, and hopefully these tips will help make it fun and more enjoyable.

1. Create a beautiful table. Your tablescape will elevate your meal from something common, and make it feel special. Start by choosing something that inspires you. For this brunch, I chose spring as my inspiration. When I think of spring, the first words that come to mind are fresh, light, playful and fun. I wanted our brunch to evoke that mood so I made design choices to reflect that.

2. Shop at your neighborhood grocery store for locally grown seasonal flowers. Tulips, lilacs, ranunculus and viburnum are easy flowers to find, and they look beautiful just grouped by themselves in jars or vases. Simply take your bundle of flowers, cut the stems shorter and place them in the vase of your choice. This is easy and hassle free, yet beautiful when put together as a collection.

3. It’s fun to use sweet treats as part of your centerpiece. We made macarons, put them in small cups and nestled them in with the flowers on the table. This also made them accessible to our guests and they continued to snack on them after the meal was over.

4. Ask your friends to borrow items from their china or flatware collections. It can get expensive to purchase everything you need for yourself. I asked my friend to borrow her lucite flatware for our brunch. Most people will be flattered you asked to use something and will be more than happy to lend what you need.

5. Avoid buying expensive linen napkins by simply cutting napkin-sized squares from fabric you can purchase from a fabric store. You don’t need to finish the edges or do any sewing. The edges might fray a little bit, but that will just add a bit of charm and character to your table.

6. Create the menu that you want to serve. Brunch should have a few heavier savory items as well as lighter and sweeter choices. The combination is what makes brunch so fun. Think about creating a small bakery to delight your guests and incorporate a selection of tempting treats.

7. Identify which three or four things on your menu that you want to make yourself, and focus your energy on those selections. One good thing about brunch is that most things can be prepared the day before, so all you have to do is pop them in the oven the morning your guests are arriving. We chose to make quiche, cinnamon rolls and pistachio macarons.

8. You are not cheating by sourcing the rest of your food from your local bakery or grocery store. By releasing yourself from the pressure to prepare everything yourself personally, you will allow yourself to have more energy to entertain and host your guests once they arrive. Your guests will love to have doughnuts from the bakery if that means they get to enjoy more time in conversation with you.

9. Store bought juice poured into clear bottles makes a beautiful display on a juice bar. Try cutting small chunks of coordinating fruit to display in front of each bottle to identify what kind of juice you have on display. Add a bottle or two of Champagne and your juice bar becomes an interactive mimosa station.

10. Make sure to enjoy your guests. Don’t lose perspective or purpose. Hosting is all bout serving your guests and showing them how much you love them. It’s not about impressing people. Release yourself from the pressure of trying to do too much. Only do what you can handle and ask for help if you need it. Your guests will just be thrilled they were invited and that they get to spend time with you.