Behind the Scenes with Flourish & Prosper
April 15, 2014
Behind the ScenesAt Work
Two of our very favourite wedding and event experts have recently teamed up to form one mega, super-star business: Flourish & Prosper. Cue the confetti and drinks all around! These girls are amazing apart, but as a team they're unstoppable! In addition to the cocktail sipping and confetti throwing we managed to sit down and chat party planning, business starting and so. much. more. In other words, you so want to read on... 
SMP: Tell us a little about Flourish & Prosper:
F&P is a collaboration between two leading wedding industry experts in the UK, offering events, training and continued professional development for creative wedding folk at all levels. It will all be presented in a beautiful and inspiring environment, and ultimately we want to grow a real community, where we support and encourage each other to... well, flourish and prosper!
SMP: How did the two of you get your start in the wedding and event industry?
We come from different backgrounds - Jessie is a luxury wedding planner and designer and Louise is a super talented stylist and editor of top UK wedding blog b.loved. In short, we each decided to make the most of our talents and passions, channeling them into a career that makes us happy and successful in our own right.
SMP: What was it that prompted the three of you to launch your own business?
We realised that although there is a wealth of beginner courses and vendor specific workshops, there was very little that catered more broadly for business owners in the wedding industry collectively - not just advice for entrance level trainees and new start up's, but also for more experienced professionals. We each still value the importance of sharing best practices and continuing to develop our skills and know-how. Essentially we decided to create a business that offered events and opportunities that we personally would love to attend and be part of!
SMP: Do you have any advice for people hoping to follow in your footsteps?
We are all on our own personal journey as business owners and entrepreneurs, and it's important to be supportive of those around you, even your competitors. It's essential to keep learning from experiences and to invest in your business education. No matter how experienced you are, through continued training and development there is always something new to learn and implement. Whether it is via networking, conferences, workshops, mentors, online courses or books - don't undervalue the effect that investing in your business education can have.
SMP: Could you share one thing that really helped your business thrive?
We are each very active in industry networking and social media. Making an effort in this area can honestly present your business with opportunities that take it to the next level. Collaboration is also incredibly important. When looking at your competitors, remember that we all have our own unique strengths and gifts, and concentrate on your own goals and achievements.
SMP: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
If your dreams don't scare you slightly, they are not big enough! Quite often the only barrier to your success is your own fear of taking a leap of faith. We also place huge value on learning from your own and other people's mistakes - be honest about your personal journey, even if it's hard, as it will almost certainly inspire others.
SMP: Do you have any predictions in upcoming trends in wedding and event design?
Much less colour, much more simple and elegant design. Lot's of white, simple florals with foliage, natural materials, soft and romantic styling. Increasingly brides and grooms are focused on creating a timeless event, with personality injected quite subtly rather than with big statements. On the flip side, there are also more couples willing to be bold and brave in their wedding design - they want their wedding celebration to be an extension of their personal style, and aren't afraid to shy away from doing that in their own awesome way.
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SMP: What’s the biggest mistake people make when planning their event?
They don't plan the details and timings enough. Jessie will always say that of course! But really it's true. If you want an event to feel relaxed and run smoothly, you need to drill down every single detail and make sure it's communicated to all vendors in advance. Leave nothing to chance!

SMP: One thing that can totally make or break a party?
Lighting. Get that wrong and it totally ruins the atmosphere. If in doubt light as many candles as possible. You can never have too many!

SMP: Five must-haves for any successful event?
- An amazing venue
- Delicious food
- Beautiful decor
- Fantastic entertainment
- And your nearest & dearest. That's it. Simple!