Dragonfruit Margarita
April 4, 2014
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It’s my firm belief that margaritas should be served year round. None of this summer-drink nonsense. In fact I recently had the perfect springtime drink, a Dragonfruit Margarita at a local Los Angeles Mexican restaurant and was inspired to recreate it at home.
Dragonfruit is a brilliantly pink, exotic and slightly intimidating looking fruit. I was never quite sure what to do with it or how to eat it. But after tasting a Dragonfruit margarita for the first time I was determined to give it a try. Turns out Dragonfruit are actually a very mild and creamy sort of fruit similar to a kiwi but without the tart finish.
You will know a dragonfruit is ripe if it’s slightly soft when gently squeezed. Slice the entire fruit open with a sharp knife and scoop out the white flesh seeds and all. This pulpy fruit makes a luscious, bright and refreshing margarita when combined with mild flavors such as silver tequila, lime juice and just a touch of rose water. It’s the perfect spring margarita for mild days or slightly chilly nights. Enjoy! And for more recipes, head on over to Freutcake!
Dragonfruit Margarita
Prep Time
2 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
2 Minutes
2oz Silver Tequila ? Dragon Fruit, skin removed and cubed
? oz. lime juice ? oz-1oz agave nectar (more or less to sweeten)
2 drops rose water sea salt for the rim- optional
Rim a margarita glass or tumbler with lime juice and sea salt. (optional)
In a cocktail shaker add dragon fruit cubes, lime juice, and agave nectar. Muddle into a pulp.
Fill shaker with ice and add in tequila and rose water. Shake vigorously until ice is broken down and margarita is well chilled. (Alternately you can blend the entire drink if you prefer a blended margarita.)
Pour contents into prepared glass and garnish with a slice of dragon fruit. Enjoy.
Note: Sadly that pretty pink dragonfruit skin is not edible so make sure to remove it before eating.